The Epic Foundation has launched its selection process for 2017. If you’re a leading non-profits and social enterprise, get your application in before the 6 February deadline!


The Epic Foundation finances projects relating to tech and refugees, and it has just launched its 2017 selection process. As in past years, their goal is to identify high-impact organisations (NGOs or social enterprises) from around the world that support children and youth.

The successful applicants will be included in Epic’s portfolio of organisations and receive significant financial support.
Who should apply?

Epic’s global selection process identifies leading non-profit organisations and social enterprises. The focus of the selection process is on organisations and their impact, not on specific projects.

They are looking for organisations who are:

  • Working to enhance education, empowerment, health and/or protection
    for children and youth.
  • Based in East Africa, Southeast & East Asia, Europe, India and the United States.

They are also encouraging organisations from other countries to apply so they can add you to their database and identify applicants in advance of the 2018 global selection process.
How can you apply?

Read the application information
Fill in the application form