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29 Jun 2020

Fresh questions emerging from a resurgent #BlackLivesMatter movement

Techfugees have resisted pressure to release a statement on the #BLM movement, but you’ll be able to guess our stance if you’re familiar with us. It’s disgusting that Black Lives Matter has to sear itself across the world’s consciousness once again. Because it’s revolting that the murder of Afro-American people at the hands of police remains an accepted fact of life in the US.

Yet here we are again, though this time it feels different, like a tipping point.

Posted by Josephine Goube

18 Jun 2020

Coronavirus has not crumbled resilience! Discover how through Techfugees Live Sessions

What is Techfugees Data Hub?  In March 2020, with the support of volunteers from across the world and organisations, Techfugees… Read More

Posted by laura Braune

08 Jun 2020

Techfugees Kenya : Here we go again!

What’s up? Techfugees is BACK in Kenya 🇰🇪 After months of suspense, the Kenya Chapter will (re)join Techfugees family 👪… Read More

Posted by laura Braune

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Thursday 31 December, 2020

Techfugees’ 2020 hackathons & events

Our dedicated community of volunteers worldwide organises regular meetups, workshops and hackathons gathering refugee and local key players of the… Read More

Posted by Louise Brosset

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21 Apr 2020

What happens to a tech4refugees project after a Techfugees’ Hackathon ?

Since 2015, Techfugees’ Chapters of volunteers have been organising 35+ hackathons in 25 countries. But what next ? At Techfugees… Read More

Posted by Louise Brosset

09 Jul 2019

Expedia takes a break with Techfugees

At our most recent event, top talent from Expedia Group locations across the world helped improve two projects that will… Read More

Posted by Josephine Goube

22 Feb 2019

Techfugees x Refugees Are to fight xenophobia against refugees online

A few months ago, Techfugees launched its first Global Challenges, a competition aimed at innovators who run a technological project… Read More

Posted by Ambre