Netherlands, Eindhoven

Techfugees Netherlands in Eindhoven aims to flexibly create collaborative Techfugees hackathons at local events that are already taking place and create new events with partners that want to co-organize with us.

We connect hacker communities, start-ups and the tech scene in the most innovative parts of the Netherlands: the brainport of Eindhoven and the innovative capital of Europe: Amsterdam, aiming to create an added value of knowledge transfer between organisations.

We like intimate hacks and hack on hacks that create traction and accelerate solutions and innovative practices:

“Almost everyone acknowledges that there are many initiatives for refugees. The question that arises is how to gain economies of scale and scope out of these many initiatives? The idea of hackathons on hackathons is very appealing, because not only we build upon existing initiatives with all the cross pollinations and all, but it triggers also knowledge transfer between organizations and hack spaces. Lets coin the name hackception, from hackathon and inception :)”

Want to share ideas on new hackathon events? Please contact us! It’s awesome to collaborate with the collective community of Techfugees for further feedback and acceleration. Please join us online.

Past Events

October 17, 2016: Techfugees Netherlands MO 040 XL Hackathon in Partnership with MadLab

22nd-24th April, 2016: Empowerhack & Techfugees Health Hack

Local contacts

Yama Saraj, MadLab Eindhoven,

Victoria Martinez, Eindhoven Startups,


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