Techfugees Brussels connects social, tech and civil society initiatives helping asylum seekers and refugees to integrate in Belgium. We help Belgian initiatives connect with the international network that Techfugees offers, and share information with the Techfugees network on potential opportunities in Brussels (e.g. for funding or collaboration).


Many refugee needs can be addressed through low-tech solutions, relying on the engagement of individuals, communities, the private and public sectors to help refugees. We see technology as a tool to improve that engagement, enable sharing knowledge and scaling up, and connect initiatives working on similar issues within and outside Belgium.
About us

Techfugees Brussels emerged from civil society initiatives to help asylum-seekers and refugees in Belgium in autumn 2015, when there was a spike in the number of arrivals. We set out to mobilize civil society and social entrepreneurs to find solutions to increase the probability of successful integration. The main question was: how can we turn the refugees’ arrival into opportunities together?

We are at the early stages and looking for creative minds, volunteer engineers, entrepreneurs or NGOs for collaboration.


Local Contacts:

Catherine McSweeney,
Nastasia Rykaczewski,
Steven Schelles,
Francesco Vinci,

Next Event:
15-16th October 2016
Move It Forward for Women Refugees – female digital starters weekend
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Le Soir – Entreprendre pour aider les réfugiés

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