👣 ماذا يعني التطوع مع تيك-فيوجيز… تجربة عبدالله في لبنان

I was looking for any empowering opportunities for me as a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon for several years, but sadly … There was a lack of such things. With Techfugees and this phone call, I found a sparkle of hope to at least start doing something toward changing the situation in Lebanon by cooperating with the uprising community around the world.


إطلاق برنامج الزمالة

The completely free programme, #TF4Women, was launched on 6th of March a few days ahead of International Women’s day to attract more women refugee talents.


مُراجَعَة واقعيّة مِن الأردنّ

 تعود جوزفين غوب، الرئيسة التنفيذية ل Techfugees، في جولة للمخيّمات حول عمّان لترى بنفسها الواقع اليوميّ للاجئين/ات الذين يعيشون هناك.